Advanced System for EumetCast DVB-S2
Advanced System for EumetCast DVB-S2


Critical elements EUMETFAST successfully overcomes

EUMETFAST allows to:

► Manage the entire data flow (acquisition, filing, processing, export) with a simple click by means of a web Human Machine Interface preventing the user from being involved in the complexity due to the different elements of the system;

► not only carry out Meteosat data processing, but also generate maps concerning more than 50 environmental variables by processing most of the data received via EumetCast DVB-S2;

► avoid losing satellite data thanks to recovery plan systems, also in case of processing system troubles or other faults (those connected with the antenna reception are obviously excluded);

► create a connection to the web interface (Human Machine Interface) from anywhere exploiting your internal network by means of a Google Chrome browser;

► standardize the graphic output (range of values, legends, colour palettes) to make the information contained in the generated maps immediately comprehensible;

► effectively and promptly query the information provided by the maps by means of charts, time series and advanced personalized querying systems;

► exploit the information directly with other systems or models used at your facility thanks to data export functions that automatically create the most suitable file format (netCDF, geoTIFF, jpeg, csv), in near real-time or one-time manner;

► set and manage user-defined alerts on the basis of thresholds you can pre-configure;

► integrate any other source of geo-spatial data resulting from other sources such as: manned and unmanned aerial vehicles, ground sensors, very high resolution satellite maps, etc.;

► automatically re-project the maps on the correct and most suitable reference systems, so as to meet your specific needs;

► process the great amount of data received in continuous by maintaining the near real-time feature (optimization over time);

► automatically select the whole data flow on a reduced Area Of Interest (space optimization);

► preserve exact spatial and semantics conformity to the original raw satellite imagery;

► thoroughly monitor and track quality flags and error index pixels;

► easily shift along the time axis and query the time series, also on a single pixel.

EUMETFAST does not involve the users in the complexity of satellite data processing allowing them, regardless from their background (including no background at all in satellite data processing) to become quickly proficient and productive in satellite data analysis, thus fully leveraging EUMETFAST‘s capability to acquire and display data on a continuous basis over your Area Of Interest.